Saturday, September 6, 2008

Where have I been?

It's been a few days since I've posted. I guess I should apologize right now for having a life lol I never knew how much time blogging takes up and I just began!

So this past week, B has started school, I've hurt my back even worse then before (thank you elevator at work), I've given in and started using a walker, and we went to the Utah State Fair! Whew! It's been a busy, crazy week which is why, if any of you are even listening, I've been missing from my blog. Well that, and I haven't had any private time to write since Tuesday.

Yes, it's true... I haven't shared with J or anyone in my family yet that I've started a blog. I started it for me because I needed an outlet for my so called creative side. Of course, the jury is still out on my "creative" side, but that's what we'll call it for now. I've been reading blog and after blog and I've come to the conclusion I'm doing this blog MORE for the fact to have a record of my life and my sons life, well, and J too. lol I've decided that there's been so many things that this illness/sickness has taken from me and my life and the absolute *WORSE* thing this has stolen from me are my memories. This illness has taken the day my son walked for the first time, his first words, (which J insists were mama and dada in that order), the first time he rolled over, crawled, his first bath. Of course, I have photos of all of it, but a photo only says so much. I figured if I started to blog, I could document things in our life so I can look back and read things and REMEMBER them.

I wished I would have done this long ago but to be honest, I didn't have the time or the energy, or, actually the laptop either. Now I can blog from the couch or my bed when I feel like shit, which, lets face it, is ALLLLLLLL the time. Especially now that my back is killing me again. I'm gonna go back and try and post the days I've missed this week. Or, maybe, catch up on my DVR episodes I've recorded of my 'entertainment porn" which is the Chelsea Handler Show.

She's so hilarious although I don't really get when she goes deeeeeep into Hollywood.

All right, I guess I'll be going now. Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday.

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