Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Promise to Myself!

I've been wondering how to get more readers to my blog. It's a little hard to reel in loyal visitors when there are so many wonderful, funny, talented bloggers out there. Even I have a hard time posting to my blog because there are so many great bloggers on my Google Reader that I'm trying to keep up with.

Someone suggested I put up a picture of boobs. Big, round, luscious boobs. In a red, lacy bra. With lots of cleavage. Well, it was supposed to be a picture of MY big knockers, not just ANY boobs. That would be a great way to bring more traffic to my blog! While my cleavage is very nice, it's not my style. And I'm not sure it would bring in the kind of readers I'm hoping would stick around. You know... The icky men who are googling "hot boobs" or "big boobs" or "cleavage" late at night, while sitting in their boxers, or worse, naked, in front of the computer. Not my idea of a reader I want to keep.

Someone suggested I run polls on my blog. About what I am not sure! And since I don't do well with other people telling me what to do, wouldn't help out in the end anyways lol.

Someone suggested writing about politics because that is a sure fire way to bring more traffic and get more comments on my blog. It would get people talking! Well, I suck at politics and about knowing what is actually happening in the world. Isn't Sarah Palin just a character on SNL? (I'm totally kidding. Nobody write to me to tell me who she REALLY is!)

Then I realized I would probably get more readers if I actually BLOGGED MORE! Imagine that! Maybe if I updated my blog more then once a month, and talked about it more, I'd actually get people coming back more often! That is one of my goals for this year. Notice I did not say "resolution" because you know how I feel about resolutions. So I'm trying to make a promise to myself that I will blog more often. It always makes me feel better when I blog. It's really therapuetic for me. It's the "me" time I so desparately need since I spend so much time taking care of everyone else around me except for me!

So it's a promise I've made myself that I need to make sure I keep! If you, my dear loyal readers/followers, don't see a recent post, I give you permission to email me and bug me about it! But seriously, don't ask me for the picture of my boobs. My profile pic has enough cleavage on it. That's about all I'm willing to share...

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