Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wha???? aka She's Too Sexy for her Brows!

Overheard today at work while I was in the bathroom stall...

Lady looking in mirror: You know what?

Her coworker/friend in one of the other stalls: What's that?

Lady looking in mirror: My eyebrows are going to be gorgeous when they actually COME IN...

Friend who has no idea how to respond: Uhhhh, wha?? (which was said with this huge amount of disbelief that this woman actually just said that and WTF did it actually mean?)

Lady with no brows looking in mirror: Uh, never mind.

#1, I'm guessing she just realized that yes, she DID just say that out loud and #2, she wasn't alone when she said it.

OMG what is that about? I have a grown up job so it wasn't like this discussion took place at a Chuck E Cheese by some 4 year old who couldn't wait until she finally got hair in all the right places. No, this was said by a grown up woman who is at least in her mid 30's.

I'm curious about where the brows had gone? Did she lose them somewhere? Did they get burnt off in some freak fire accident? Did she lean too close to her gas stove cooking dinner recently? Did someone get mad at her for being the first one to fall asleep at the slumber party and they shaved them off while she was zonked out? Seriously, inquiring minds wanna know!

Here's me in the stall: snicker, snicker, snicker, snort (at which point I gave myself away and they hurry and left since they weren't alone in the bathroom)

Hey, at least SOMETHING funny happened to me at work today!

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