Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can I still blog in jail?

So there's a certain person in my life that I have to deal with on a pretty constant basis. To say that he frustrates me so much that I would like to karate chop him in his man junk every time I see him, would be putting it mildly.

He's done everything in his power, and then some, to make sure everyday of my life is filled with uncertainty and doubt. Worrying about what will happen next, when the next shoe will drop. Even when I KNOW I've done nothing wrong, I still live with this hesitation about what the day will bring.

I probably have an ulcer by now!

Today I was stressing about it so much and my stomach was in knots. Talking to Mr. Man, his reply to the situation, which is remaining vague because this person probably reads this blog now, was "So what. If something happens that changes our current situation, then we deal with it and move on. Things will be ok. Stop stressing."

I was driving down the road while we had that conversation. Staring at the gorgeous blue skies with the big, white, puffy clouds. I realized he was right. Why was I letting someone else have that much power over my life that it was causing me physical anguish? Why would I allow someone I don't care about to dictate how my day would be going? It didn't make sense. We would be ok, no matter the outcome.

So, how much time do you think you get for karate chopping someones man junk? I still think it would be worth it...

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