Friday, December 5, 2008

We won! We won! We won!!!!

Wednesday night was J’s company Christmas party. We won the grand prize!!!!! But before I get into that and the party, let me start my story by telling you something one of my best friends said to me this past summer. She watched “The Secret” and had people talking to her left and right about it.

This was when the book and the movie came out and EVERYBODY and their husband, wife, friend, cousin, aunt, mom, dad, baby, baby mama, neighbor, mailman, and their dogs were talking about this movement. Let's call it a “movement” because it seems everywhere I turned someone was talking about it and how it had helped them in their life and how they were putting this into their lives as well. Isn't that what a movement is? When a ton of people all drink the koolaid and decide to do the same "new" thing?

Anywhore, we were at our friends house to play poker like we do every 2 weeks. A bunch of us get together, the guys and 2 of their girlfriends play poker and the rest of us ladies have a hen party in the kitchen. Laughing and joking and catching up on life together over drinks and snacks, and drinks. Lots of drinks! (Did I mention the drinks? lol) My BFF "N" tells me that she decided to "try" putting The Secret into her life one day. They had been hurting financially since her hubby's business had been sort of slow. She got home from work after thinking about it and said out loud, "In today's mail, there WILL BE money for us instead of bills!" Something to that effect. She said she repeated it a few times on her way to the mailbox at her curb. Of course at this point I was skeptical and said "phooey!" (Ok, so I didn't *REALLY* say phooey (does anyone really say that anymore?) but I'm sure I rolled my eyes on more then one occasion and shook my head a lot. It's how I roll...) Then she says she opened her mailbox and...


Inside her mailbox was a check from her last jobs retirement plan she had forgotten all about. Because she forgot about it and didn't roll it over to her new employers plan, the retirement company had cashed it out and sent it to her.

I kind of left it at that, never thought about it again. Fast forward to this week. J and I never win anything. EVER! But the night of his company party, I said to him, "tonight, we WILL win a prize. And not just ANY prize! We WILL win the grand prize!" I am pretty sure he and B laughed at me. A lot. (I may have cried from their laughter. I'm not sure, I've tried to block it from my memory.)

We got to the party at a local Italian Spaghetti restaurant and had dinner with our friends. The raffle started and they began with the grand prize. Our ticket number was called! The very first ticket they pulled out was ours!!!!!!

This is what we won...
Can you believe it!?!? All the way home I gloated that it was my positive thinking that had won the prize. I did it! This way of thinking really does work! For the next 2 days I tried to keep it up. Breathe in, breathe out... Think positively!

Friday was my company party and they were also doing a raffle. I thought positively. Did an affirmation out loud. We didn't win. lol

I did learn something great though. The idea isn't just about winning things and getting money in the mail. It's about trying to find the better things in everything around you. It's about finding the best solution to problems life throws your way. It's about BELIEVING everything can and WILL work out in your life. I've always believed that I am a very positive person and always trying to find the brighter side in everything. But my problem is that while I don't like to speak out loud the things that I'm worried about, or talk negatively, I still THINK it in my head. So I need to try and be better about that. I do believe in the whole karmic ideals, positive thinking will equal positive rewards, negative thinking will equal negative energy. So I need to BELIEVE all the crap happening in my life is going to work out. All of it. And isn't that Christmas is all about? BELIEVING???

And that's where I'll end this post. lol

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