Friday, March 13, 2009

Welcome SITS! SITS Does a Bloggy Good...

Well, helllloooooo there!

It's after midnight and I just wanted to put up a quick post to welcome everyone from SITS!

I tried to clean up the place a bit (do you like the new curtains?) There's fresh coffee and donuts out for everyone so pull up a chair, or a pillow, and take a load off...

I'm so excited to have everyone here at my cute little blog that I can't even sleep right now. Ok, well, maybe it's also because of Mr T and because of the recent increase in dosage that I had to take again today, but I'm positive that THAT is only part of it!

And for all the rest of you who are stopping by who aren't visiting from SITS, and want other updates, here you go:

Mother in law is not doing good at all. She's gotten worse in fact. She was supposed to start chemo but because she's still infected with MRSA from the first and second cancer surgeries, and still has open wounds from the incisions, they haven't started that yet. She also has contracted some sort of viral infection that sounds like it's traveled to her chest. We're very worried that this could turn into Pneumonia or Bronchitis. She has Stage 4 cancer and I can't imagine losing her to something like pneumonia or bronchitis instead because of the complications!

My dosage of Mr T was increased another 25 mg today. Wow.

Did I say WOW?

Holy hell...

Normally if I guzzle water like there's no tomorrow, the burning, tingling in my hands and feet stays at bay. Not this afternoon. The pain was widespread but the worst was in my left thumb which hurt, well, HURTS still, like I hit it with a hammer. Tonight the pain is still bad in my hands and feet, really bad in my thumb, but other then no appetite, that's about it so far.

Well, that and the fact that I've lost.....


The first week I lost almost 4 pounds, which I thought could have been a fluke, but then this past week I've lost an additional 6 pounds. Amazing what happens when you stop eating all kinds of crap, er, I mean, being more responsible. And Mr T is actually turning me off to junk food and making me crave protein and healthier foods. Most of it still tastes like cardboard. It's weird. I WANT to eat it but when I go to eat it, it doesn't taste good. If that can make any sense at all! lol

All right, I'm closing now so I can post this before anyone stops by...

Happy Friday everyone!!!

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