Sunday, January 4, 2009

Amazing Winter Photos

Just wanted to share the photos I took after our last huge snow storm. Never mind that we were all FREEZING and numb, but we had so much fun!

Oh, do I blog here?

Ok, so I promised to come back with a funny and witty post about 5 days ago after taking a small blogging vacation. Instead you get this post. A quick break down of December. First I started a Christmas post to tell you all about our wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Then realized to do that post, I needed the pics my father in law took of us still since our digital photos didn't come out so well. And since Mr Man isn't here to defend himself, I'm going to blame that on his picture taking skills. (Never mind that I took half the pics that morning myself!)

Then I was going to do a post on Bradys surgery and didn't have my pics here on my laptop, but on my work computer instead. Ugh I'm so unorganized! So I'll have to revisit those posts once I get my ass in gear. Well, that, and organized! Which by the way is the one New Years resolution I'm vowing to make this year!!!! That, and to blog more often. I am the most unorganized, procrastinator you will ever meet in your life. And by "meet", I mean the person you stalk on line here at my blog. lol

So here's a big holiday wrap up for the month of December and beginning of January...

December was really busy. Mid month B, our 6 year old had to have emergency surgery to remove his appendix before it burst. We took him to Primary Childrens Hospital early Thursday morning, where he endured an IV, having his blood drawn, a CT scan (with a fluid enema to boot), then an ultrasound. They ended up doing surgery Thursday night around 9 or 9:30 (where he came out like a champ) and spent the night in the hospital. There was lots of crying and carrying on and all that foolishness. And that was just the parents and grandparents! lol After a really long couple of days he was released and came home so we could all fawn all over him and spoil him rotten. Poor little guy! It was really hard on him but emotionally, it was worse on J and I and his grandparents! We were all the big babies at the hospital!

Getting ready for Christmas, shopping and wrapping and all that good stuff, was insane like it always is. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. I vow to start shopping months in advance, wrapping presents as I go, and not wait until the last minute. Then EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. it comes right down to the wire and something happens so we end up doing the majority of our gift buying the last week before Christmas. We suck at this! Anywho, we stayed at my inlaws Christmas Eve so we could open gifts with them first thing Christmas morning. We normally sleep at my sisters or they sleep at our house but this year, with my mother in law being so ill, we wanted to spend the time with them instead. I'm very happy we did. Then we went to my sisters that afternoon to finish opening gifts and have dinner. A huge storm came through Christmas Eve and it snowed and snowed AND SNOWED until the day after Christmas. I think we got about 3 feet or more of snow!

It was nice to have Christmas over and done with. Our tree has been taken down, all the decorations put away until next year. And of course, all the after Christmas sales have been shopped lol.

It's nice to get back into some sort of family groove. Being at home, cooking dinner each night again. All right, I'll be honest, I cooked TONIGHT, but, I did COOK! B goes back to school tomorrow morning. It'll be good to have him outta our hair a bit more. I love him with all my heart but good lord! If that boy tells me one more time he's BORED, he's gonna get a boot to his behind!

And with that, I'm heading to shower and hit the sack. It's exhausting trying to find something funny and witty to blog about and coming up with NADA. Hopefully I'll be more "on" tomorrow.

Hogs and kisses all!

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