Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All grown up...

I called in sick to work today (back issues again) and was home for his first day of school. This is the first pic I took that afternoon. Can you see how his face just radiates the excitement he's feeling?

I begged him to pretend to be excited for school and this is fhe fake smile I was rewarded with... lol
Here he is with his nana (my mom). She thought maybe he'd actually smile for me if she posed with him. If you knew my mother at all, you would know that she was really worried about him and how nervous he was. she doesn't pose for photos AT ALL! For any reason! So for her to offer to be in the picture with him was HUGE so we got a half smile of sorts...

Here are his new DC shoes he insisted he have for school. Ever since his 4th bday, it's the only sort of shoe we can get him to wear. Good thing J's mom LOVES to shop and spoils him rotten. He was rewarded with not just one pair, but a 2nd black pair, of DC shoes for school.

Here he is just before we were leaving the house to take him to school.

Here he is when we got to school. I think the smile was finally genuine, even for just one second..

And again, another fake smile that he gave me to try and get me to stop taking photos. Hey, it was either snapping pictures and silently tearing up behind my sunglasses, or, no pictures but sobs upon sobs of me crying "my baby is growing up!!!!

Here's a smile I got after he saw some of his friends from our neighborhood outside the school and he sorta realized, hey, this might be ok and I PROBABLY won't throw up from the nervousness.

The 2 of us...

This one is called "Ok, maybe I WILL be throwing up after all!" He complained all morning that he felt like he was "gonna be sick" and "mommy, maybe I should just call in sick on my first day of school until I feel better!" Bless his little heart...

Poor kid...

I was a mess after I left him at school. The school has the kindergarten classes line up outside the school before and after class so I didn't even get to go in to his class to say goodbye. I left the school, took my mom home, ran a couple of errands and then went home to wait for him to get out. It was so weird not having him there and I was so worried about him since he was so nervous about going. But of course, he got home and was happy and had fun and met a new friend named Lucas who B informs me he calls Luke Skywalker. Yes, he's a big Star Wars fan.
Kids adapt so well to new things. I wish I could do that half as well as he does!
Well, here it is... The first day of kindergarten for B. I am so nervous for him. He's still sleeping away in bed and I'm here worried about how he'll feel this morning. He has afternoon kindergarten so he won't need to be to school until 12:45. We picked out his outfit that he wants to wear to school today already and his backpack is packed. Guess I should finish the school forms and paperwork huh?

It was so cold this morning. Isn't it supposed to be summer still? We've had this small cold front move in the past few days with all of the rain and when I got up this morning I had to turn on the heater. It was only 61* in my house this morning!!! Brrrrr!

Anyone know how best to re-potty train a puppy? We bought this chug (half pug, half chiuahua) from our best friends and she was potty trained. We brought her home and she kept having accident after accident. I know they have a rough time transitioning to a new place but it's been almost 2 months now and she's still having accidents! I haven't seen this much pee, well, ever! I was going to say since we potty trained B but he actually only had 1 accident. So, if she doesn't start peeing outside, there will be one Chug for sale...

She's cute.. Make me an offer!

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