Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How do I get rid of the evil sickness in my house?

B has never been in daycare before. Since he was a baby we've been completely lucky (and grateful!) that my mom has watched him since he was born while we worked. This past summer my MIL took care of him too. This is his first year of school and he's in kindergarten. While it's been good for him to be around kids his own age and get into a routine, there's one thing I'm not excited, or prepared for...


B started school on Sept 2nd. It's now October 7th. He's been sick a total of 4 TIMES ALREADY! He was sick enough that he missed 2 days of school between his first and second week of school. He's sick again! Poor little guy is sneezing and dripping and coughing all over the place. I was so not prepared for him to be sick ALL THE TIME when he started school. Someone tell me that his little immune system will get tougher over the next few months so he's not bringing home every germ that he comes in contact with!?!?!

I can't handle THIS. MUCH. SNOT! Seriously. It's everywhere and on everything. I'm going to have to start wearing a slicker pretty soon if he doesn't get better. And the funny thing is that his K teacher is one of the most germaphobic people I've met. B's come home with no less then 4 pieces of "germ" artwork each week since school started. You guys have heard of dream catchers right? He and his classmates made a "germ" catcher. A big thing that looks like a persons head and upper body with arms. The arms are holding a picture of what a germ looks like in one hand. The other hand is holding a tissue for "when he needs to cough or sneeze to catch the germs." How funny is that? I'll take a picture tonight of him and his artwork and post it here so you guys can see it.

I better be going so I can get reading for work.

BTW, Ms Peabody is still peeing and crapping EVERYWHERE!!!! How the hell do I get her to stop? We've tried everything and can't get her housebroken. J's ready to give up and send her packing. Someone please tell me how to break her of this bad habit before J wraps up all her things in a hankerchief and ties it around a long stick and sends her on her way!

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