Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Shot & Killed Sounds Way Too Violent"

I was helping B with his 3rd grade homework. His assignment is to write a timeline on someone famous, someone he admired or someone he knew. He chose Martin Luther King, Jr.. (Side note: this shows how sweet & intelligent my kiddo is because he was talking about facebook recently and my suggestion was for him to do the assignment on the Zuck. Instead, he chooses MLK. I really should be ashamed of myself lol)

So I was telling him the date MLK was shot & killed so he could write it down.

Braidon: "I'm not sure my teacher wants me to write something as violent as he was "shot & killed."

Me: "Well that's what happened and it *was* violent so how would you like to word it?"

Braidon: "How about 'he was hit with a metal piece that came bursting out of someone's gun? Probably on accident' because that sounds less violent."

Me: *staring at him with big, round eyes* "Honey, you're turning this in to your teacher whom I'm sure knows how MLK was killed."

Braidon: "Isn't there enough violence in the world without me having to write about it?"

Me: "touché son, touché."

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