Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun or Why It's Hard to Fight With a Nail Tech While in Big Foam Flip Flops

I could totally bore you with reasons on why I have not blogged in ELEVEN days but I have not one valid, good reason that would make you forgive me for being gone so long.

But I will hope that you love me enough to overlook my small blogging vacation if I promise to get off my lazy, tv watching, catching up with my DVR'd episodes of Greys Anatomy (and OMG they're totally killing off Izzy!), guzzling water by the gallon, reading with my kid, eating out with my sister, getting a pedi, and working overtime ass.

There, I feel better.

For the Mr. T update, I was worked all the way up to 100 mg but I talked my doctor today into letting me go back down to 50 mg. I really felt great at 50 mg and felt like it was controlling my headaches and migraines better at that dose. It was also controlling my appetite better also. I'm down 11 pounds by the way. I'm now allergic to lemon pie, lemon yogurt, sausage, jelly, ham, bottled ranch dressing, cake mix and boxed pudding mix. I think it has more to do with some preservative that those things have in it that Mr T is causing some allergic reaction to rather then the things themselves but at any rate, I can no longer have them at all!

Last weekend my sister and I went and had a pedi together at a new salon. Our normal salon was too busy to fit us in and since my older nephew was watching our younger kids, and we didn't want to make him wait 3 hours while we had our toes done, we went to a new salon closer
to home. The new place was much nicer, much cleaner, and there were MEN working there!

Men with bulging muscles and tight shirts and.... Oh sorry.... Where was I?

Oh ya... The pedicure... The whole pedi went really nice. Until we went up to pay. Now, at our old place we normally pay $20 for our pedi (no matter what you had done to your toes as far as color or design, etc) and then of course we tip the nail gal on top of that. This new place was nicer and they told us it was $25 for the pedi. Then we went up to pay. They charged us extra for every single thing. The white tip on my toes. The flower on my toes. The extra design that I didn't ask for. The little purple jewel that the lady put in the middle of the flower on my toe.


Now you may be wondering why I didn't stop her if she was doing things I didn't ask for? First of all, don't be so judgemental. lol For two, I wasn't really paying attention because I was visiting with my sister and we're obnoxious and loud and all we do is laugh and carry on when we're together. You know those 2 girls you see places who are always laughing hysterically and making fun of everyone and everything around them and can't keep a straight face? That would be me and my sister. We are 2 peas in a pod. We are the girls you hate being around in a quiet place like a movie theater or a library or something because we couldn't stay quiet for ten minutes if our lives depended on it.

So we go up to pay and the lady is all, "That is 3 dollahs for white tip and 3 dollahs for design and 2 dollahs for jewel" and on she went. What a rip off! Of course, it is the ONE splurge I do for myself. I hate to go clothes shopping or shoes shopping so I don't spend money on stuff like that. I did get some new clothes a few weeks ago but that's only because Mr. Man forced me to go for my bday. I don't enjoy wandering for hours, trying on clothes. I am soooo not girly that way! I hate shopping. There I said it! I've been masquerading behind all this pink for so long but I can no longer pretend to be girly!

So did I argue with the lady that she never said there would be extra charges for everything she did? No, I didn't. I didn't feel like a confrontation. I do like to speak my mind (and everyone knows I do!) but not that day. I paid my bill, tipped her, smiled and walked away.

I guess I didn't feel very big in my big, fat, green, foam flip flops.

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