Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ghetto Fabulous!

Sooooo I'm at work yesterday, decided my early lunch at 11:30 wasn't gonna hold me until I got home and cooked dinner so I went to the breakroom in search of a snack. I picked "Nibs" those little licorice bites. If only I could turn back time... I could have picked a granola bar or a snickers or even an ice cream and then what had happened, wouldn't have happened!!!! Ya know, I don't even LIKE Nibs really.... I was feeling kinda nauseous and I open them up and started eating them.... Bite, chew, chew, chew, swallow.... Bite, chew, chew "CRACK!!!!" The outside half of one of my side teeth broke OFF! Completely broke off. I still had the inside half but the outside half was gone!!!! My immediate conversation with my sister over IM went a little like this...

Me: I just lost half my tooth!

Her: yer front one???

Me: lmao noooooo!!!! Thank God!

Her: that woulda been hot!

Me: it was the one right next to the pointy dagger lookin tooth! So if I smile real big, which btw I will never be able to do AGAIN! you can tell it's gone!

Her: So it was the one behind the pointy one? Or in front of it?

Me: the one behind it

Me: and i couldn't have lost the inside half of the tooth, NOOOOOOO, I had to lose the outside half so EVERYONE can see it!

I am officially ghetto fabulous with my half tooth. Word!

(The stupid candy who took away my smile!)

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