Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dreaming about Blogging?

I woke up this morning and was remembering the dream I had during the night. The images so vivid it was like it really happened. I was rich and famous and living the life of a rock star. I was flying, no, I was JETTING, to and fro on someones private jet. Can I remember why I was so rich and famous and living the life of a rock star? No. That detail escapes me. And can I remember what exactly I was doing that was so fabulous in this dream? NO. No idea.

The whole point of this dream, and for me writing about it this morning, was at the end of the dream, my last thought was how I was going to BLOG all about my adventures that I had that summer. (Did I mention it was a whole summer of fun that I dreamt about?) I was actually dreaming about blogging! I've dreamt about the pain in my life. I've dreamt about my family. I've dreamt about work too many times to count. I've dreamt about FOOD (don't get me started on those dreams! Food is a very important part of my life unfortunately and those dreams I can remember in fine detail lol). I've dreamt about my cat and my dog. I've dreamt about my brother who was killed a few years back. I've dreamt about the cops who took his life that night. I've dreamt about the pain my mother endured after that night and still to this day. I've dreamt about laundry and house cleaning and mopping floors. But dreaming about blogging? Do any of you dream about blogging? Guess my dreams have finally caught up to this century huh?

In my dream I was so excited that so many fun and amazing things had happened that summer, and that I would have things to blog about for weeks! So what exactly was the point of that dream? I'm guessing with all the things going on in my life right now, with my MIL being so sick and on her last leg, and everything that is going along with that, that maybe my mind is wishing and hoping that I had fun things to blog about instead of the sad stories I've been telling lately. I see all these other blogs being humorous and funny and telling great stories that make me laugh and I think about all the sadness in my life and how my blog just isn't comparing to them.

So, I've made a decision!

I will continue to blog but try to keep it more upbeat! I will still have to talk about my MIL so I will always remember these last days with her and what we're going through, but I will NOT let it be the focus of everything. I don't want to lose the 6 of you who actually read my blog lol. (Yes, there are now 6 of you! You guys rock!) OK, I get a lot of traffic to my site that indicates there's more then 6 of you but whatever, it still feels like I'm talking to a small crowd!

So there's my decision for the moment! I'l try to keep the 6 of you entertained so you'll come back for more. Or at least until something better comes along right? lol
I'll blog more later. Have tons of house cleaning and laundry to catch up on!


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

So, first you dream about blogging. Then you blog about dreaming. You just may have torn a hole into the time-space continuim! You are so sweet to add me to your blog roll - Thank you!!!

- Margaret

steenky bee said...

I think I write some killer stuff just as I'm falling asleep. But when I wake up, it's gone. GONE! Girl, you rock and I would read you if you just posted the want ads over here.

Ragan said...

I haven't dreamed about blogging, but I do think about how I'm going to blog just about everything I do...even though I don't actually end up blogging most of it.

Mia Myka's Random Thoughts said...

Yeah I've dreamed about writing/blogging and that I was upside down on the ceiling though with my pc lol, but other times I also dream about family members too,or people I've lost as's always in strange clusters that dream. Maybe I should blog about some of my dreams,might make interesting reading.

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