Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just wondering...

Just wondering if anyone elses husband cleans the kitchen as well as mine does? To be fair, I didn't take pics of any of the counters, which were cleared off. They weren't wiped down, but they were cleared off at least. He does this every single time he cleans the kitchen!

I run the dishwasher every morning so the dishes are clean by the time we get home from work. But if I don't unload the clean dishes, and he goes to clean up after dinner, this is what the sink looks like. His excuse? The dishes weren't clean! Um, ya they were, I just ran them through this morning. He says, no there was a film or something on them so i had to rewash them! It's amazing how if I unload the clean dishes they come out just fine but when he goes to put them away, they're still dirty?

Maybe the dishwasher knows it's him and spits film on the dishes before he opens the dishwasher door? Some little evil creatures just sitting and waiting for him to reach for that handle.

Can you say L-A-Z-Y??

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