Friday, February 6, 2009

SITS Giveaway! Check it out!

If you are not a fan of SITS, or a follower for that matter, and you are a blogger, you need to check this site out. Seriously. It's brought lots of traffic to my blog that I never had when I started blogging. And isn't that what we're all here for anyways? To have the validation through traffic and comments that someone other than ourselves is paying attention to our thoughts and dreams?

(Well, those and the whining that usually accompanies said thoughts and dreams...)

I love this site and right now they're giving away a fabulous prize for February, Bedroom Bliss.

No ladies, this does not mean that if you win, they will send some hot, sexy guy to your house to provide all the bedroom "bliss" you can handle.

Of course the prize will probably be delivered by a UPS or FX delivery driver...

Who will probably be male. (That's all that's ever delivered to my house.)

What you do when he gets there to deliver your prize is none of my concern... That's between you, him, and the nosey neighbor who will probably see you pulling him in your front door by his shirt.

SITS is giving away... (Drum roll please...)
An amazing 500 thread count sheet set (You choose the size)

A set of 2 Memory Foam Pillows

Sheet spray, lotion and candles

A set of soft and luxurious spa towels
$30 Gift Card to Target for anything we missed
And as an added bonus, as if the above stuff wasn't ENOUGH, (geez yer greedy!)...

The winner's blog will be SITS Friday Favorite the first Friday of March!

Which really means, they'll spotlight your very own blog, tell everyone about it, and hundreds of beautiful, intelligent people will race to your blog to check it out and leave comments filled with love and admiration about how smart, funny and witty you and your writing really is. Ok, well, maybe not EXACTLY that last part, but they will show up and comment on your blog. And since we're a group of friendly, wonderful people, you will get friendly, wonderful comments on your blogging.

What more could you ask for?? So go on... Go visit the links I've provided and enter to win. Not for nothing but I'm hoping I win this and not you! Spray 'n Wash ruined the last beautiful high thread count sheet set I bought when I sprayed it on one of the pillow cases. It bleached out the color! What's up with that?!?! So I really need to win this one!

Of course there are rules and stipulations on how you enter to win. So read through all the deets on their site to get all the info.

Happy Friday everyone!

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