Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

The unmom is doing her weekly Random Tuesday Thoughts and I thought I'd join in. It seems that lately I've hit this wall with blogging. I'm too tired and exhausted, first off, to pay much attention to my blogging. It seems I'm not even reading blogs on my Reader lately either. Yes, I have become too lazy to blog! How can that happen? Anyways, I figured what better way of jumping back in then for someone else to tell me what to write about! I don't do well with being told what to do but I figured this one time can't hurt!

My Random Tuesday Thoughts, so far, have been....

The outfit I wore today? Lame! It is ok with my sweater on but guess what? I didn't look into the future when I'd be sitting here at my office working away and getting so hot (which, lets face it is EVERYDAY!!!! For some reason, people here like to keep the heat at 78 which means I'm sweating my ass off!) that I'd have to take off said sweater. Without the sweater, I'm basically in white from head to toe. And yes, I'm wearing white pants! I'm a rebel like that... So now I have to stay seated at my desk so I don't look like a fool, or put the sweater back on, which it's too hot to do!

Think anyone would notice if I just went home? That would fix the problem!

It's snowing like CRAZY out here in Utah. Big, fat, fluffy snowflakes that ARE sticking to the ground and roads. This morning it was beautiful and so peaceful to watch.

UNTIL I had to drive in the crap! Then it wasn't so cute.

I'm just wondering when it became socially acceptable for someone to make horrid bodily noises at their desk in the office for everyone to hear. And then repeat them every 10 minutes or so! Seriously!?!? There's a bathroom 50 feet away. USE IT! Other then that, this person is a beautiful, sweet woman who could be my best friend. Well, if she didn't make those noises!

I really wish I'd deposited more money in the checking account so I could pay the gas bill today. Which I completely forgot about until just now. Why do I have to make everything so difficult? I have the money. In my PURSE! Which doesn't help when I want to pay online! Ugh!

I'm also still fuming over a recent arcticle on Fibromyalgia where one of it's strongest supporters back in the day recently (last week) came out saying he takes back everything he proved to be true back then. That NOW he believes Fibro sufferers are a bunch of whiners who just don't know how to DEAL with their lives and problems. Yes, I'm still bitter! He proved all of these different things to show the world, and the government, that FMS was a REAL illness that deserved REAL treatment and respect. NOW he's basically telling us to stop whining, deal with our problems, and that we'll magically fix ourselves and never have pain again. Lame ass! And no, I won't link to him here because I don't want him getting more attention because he doesn't deserve it. And if I saw him on the street, I'd trip him the way Nicki tripped the "prophet" on Big Love. He feel allll the way down the stairs. It was awesome!

And I really want to start a separate blog that's about my Fibro and other health issues. I've wanted to do it for months now but things have held me back. Such as, what to name it for one. And I'm worried if I start a blog solely for that purpose, that I might dwell on my health more then I want to. BUT I don't know that I feel completely comfortable blogging about it here. I dunno why.

Anyways, that's my crappy Random Tuesday Thoughts post. Back to the regularly scheduled programming tomorrow...

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