Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Did I Shave My Legs For This? Really?

I've been wanting to start a blog for so long and couldn't think of how to start. I guess I just start rambling and typing my thoughts huh?

Today was ok at work but as soon as I left it turned to crap. My car died a few weeks ago and until I get another one, I've been bumming rides from my sister and mom (except for when I ride my broom of course!) Wahoooooo J just told me he just ordered me a new Blackberry cell phone in ruby red! Just thought I'd throw that in there since he just told me.

So anyways, back to my shitty day... My mom picks me up and tells me I can take her car after I drop her off at work tonight. I pulled out of her work parking lot and drove about 10 feet and the radiator exploded!!!! Literally, it exploded! There was antifreeze EVERYWHERE which I immediately got all over me when I tried to open the hood of her car, and which I promptly got all over my cell when I tried to call J to come rescue me. I called him and he immediately included me in a conference call with our car insurance agent who he was fighting with about our rates. The night progressed with a big fight between me and our old landline phone company who is trying to get us to pay $400 because they CONTINUED to bill us after we moved from our last house even though we canceled their service. Anyone know how to beat these asses at their own game? I swear, every time I turn around, we're having to fight with some company or another over billing issues and he said, she said crap!

Anywho, my boy is going to be starting kindergarten next week. I can't believe how fast time's gone by. Just yesterday I was burpin him and now he's on his way to college. Ok, maybe not college but he's on his way to school and that can't be too far behind!

Well, I better close for tonight. My sons hollering at me to come to his room since he's getting ready to go to sleep. Hope everyone's having a better day then me.. lol

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