Sunday, March 1, 2009

Don't be jealous, yo!

I was checking my blog traffic report yesterday morning and noticed a TON of hits to my blog that morning before 7 am. I had noticed an increase in traffic when I started blogging about my new friend Mr. T so I thought maybe that was it. I drilled into my little report closer and saw all these hits from SITS and wondered what in the heck was going on. It turns out….

Drum roll please….

I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!!

Remember the Bedroom Bliss contest I’d blogged about here? I won! I can’t believe it! Not only do I win all that cool stuff, which will make my bedroom life a lot more comfortable and, um, interesting, (clears throat), but I also get to be Fridays featured blogger. That means that all those wonderful, witty, funny ladies will be stopping by for a visit this coming Friday. There is sooooo much I need to get done before then.

I better straighten up a bit huh? Maybe a new layer of paint and polish around here?

Maybe buy some new curtains? Change the sheets in the guest room? Put out the good china?

What do you serve guests you’ve never met in real life?

(I hope no one opens any of the closet doors or looks under any beds. That’s where I shove everything when I haven’t had time to clean properly before guests arrive…Shhh.. Don’t tell my mom!)

I am so excited that I can hardly stand it! And I’m probably getting on your nerves by now so I’ll shut up for the time being but I do want to thank everyone for all their wonderful, fabulous comments about winning the contest. You ladies are wonderful and sweet and I could just kiss ya! (Well, except for you over there... You look like you might be breaking out with a cold sore… How about we just hug?)

So while I try and prepare my little cottage here in my neighborhood on the web for the upcoming visitors, I may be scarce. But I will send out some quick updates on Mr T before I go...

Sunday, which would be day 4 in my new relationship with Mr. T, not much to report other then serious heart burn. Not just a little heart burn but SERIOUS heart burn. Like, I thought maybe my insides were going to actually MELT. That's how bad the heart burn was. Still drinking tons of water and Powerade and not having much appetite. My headaches have returned though, but the doctor said that was to be expected for awhile until I got at a higher, steady dose so I guess that's to be expected for now.

All right, I'll post again in a day or so...


Jamie said...

My mom gets migraines and a lot of headaches too...She's on Imitrex for her migraines.s Hope Mr. T works well for you.s I'm following you know too.

Ali said...

Good job!
Congrats on your win and your feature!
I enjoyed reading your site.

Jillderbeast said...

Congrats on your SITS stint. I enjoyed reading your blog.s :)

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